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For the past six years, we have worked with one of the largest personal insolvency firms in Canada to highlight their expertise and services related to debt-relief.  Working with internal and research teams, we release quarterly survey results tracking Canadians’ attitudes about their debts and their ability to meet their repayment obligations. The survey has become a national barometer of how Canadians feel about their personal finances. Providing expert commentary and advice from the company's team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees, alongside the results of the quarterly survey, company spokespeople are routinely featured in personal finance news stories across the country.


Compiling insights from insolvency filings and strategically positioning the association as the national voice on insolvency matters in Canada, we routinely earn national media attention for the association and their professional members and associates across the country. The resulting media attention helps advance the License Insolvency Trustee profession and educates the public about the services offered by the associations' members.


During the fall respiratory virus season, we worked with a national pharmacy chain to bolster public awareness and vaccination efforts, as well as highlight the pharmacy chain and its pharmacists as highly skilled vaccination and medication experts. Through targeted PR efforts across the country, we strategically crafted local and national press releases with various angles, emphasizing the importance of vaccination amidst the backdrop of a 'tripledemic'. Ahead of the start of flu season, we leveraged data on vaccine fatigue among Canadians and highlighted the pharmacy chain's role in promoting vaccinations while showcasing pharmacists as important resources for immunization guidance. As public flu campaigns rolled out across the provinces, we monitored and leveraged respiratory surveillance data to determine the start of flu season, using this information to urge early vaccination efforts as well as emphasize pharmacists' expanded capabilities in assessing and prescribing for minor ailments. Amid peak flu season, targeted PR efforts highlighted low vaccine uptake not only for flu and COVID vaccinations, but other adult vaccinations as well, underscoring the importance of the pharmacy chain’s launch of an adult immunization drive aimed at increasing awareness and uptake for influenza, pneumonia, COVID-19, shingles, and other recommended adult vaccinations. Overall, the seasonal campaign drew media interest across the country, garnering significant coverage for the pharmacy chain both in local and national publications.


To launch the organization’s new online workplace sexual harassment resource hub for workers in Alberta, we launched a media relations campaign across the province. Our strategy was twofold: first, to highlight the alarming reality of workplace sexual harassment in Alberta and the critical need for comprehensive and accessible support/resources for those impacted by this kind of harassment. Building upon this momentum, our subsequent phase of the campaign aimed to spotlight the growing issue of sexual harassment in the context of remote work environments, and the need for accessible support and resources for Alberta workers impacted by this virtual form of sexual harassment. By strategically amplifying these critical conversations about workplace sexual harassment, we elevated awareness of the new resource hub among Albertans, as well as positioned the organization as a vital ally in addressing this important issue.


During the height of ‘beer-drinking weather’ in the summer, we worked with a BC-based liquor retail chain to highlight alcohol trends in the province. The media outreach leveraged BC beer consumption insights, as well as commentary from the retailer’s spokesperson on the hyper-locality of shopping habits and seasonally trending products. The campaign garnered media mentions for the chain across BC and across the country, highlighting the retailer’s unique and popular product offerings.


To support our client's annual flu shot campaign, our team developed an annual flu survey and created both national and local press releases highlighting newsworthy aspects of the survey results while also incorporating the expertise of their pharmacists. The annual campaign garnered nationwide media coverage, positioning the company's pharmacists as a resource for patients during flu season and encouraging more Canadians to receive their flu shot to protect themselves and others.


Leading up to allergy season, our team developed a survey to uncover Canadians' thoughts and behaviours about allergy symptoms and treatment. The campaign received media mentions from news outlets across the country, positioning their pharmacists as the country's most accessible healthcare resource for allergy sufferers. We also identified trends about the start dates and length of pollen seasons in cities across the country. Using the newsworthy findings from this research, we earned national media attention featuring expert commentary and advice from company pharmacists. 


Ready to open their first Carl’s Jr. location in Calgary, the fast food giant came to us to earn local media attention and create buzz about their launch and grand-opening media preview event.

Awareness of the new location spread quickly following our successful media preview event and resulting earned media attention across Calgary and Alberta. The branded hashtag, shared by attendees, trended locally and nationally.


The province-wide campaign, driven by earned media coverage across the country, encouraged victims of sexual violence to report their experiences to counsellors and police. Highlighting the key findings of new research on the prevalence of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse in Alberta, we supported the association's goal to bring awareness to the problem of sexual violence and the need for support for survivors.

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